With experience and adequate tools, we will take your organization to the next level. Making use of our tools, we focus on the resources that are already in the organization and upgrade procurement to a more strategic setup. Our approach is always adapted to match the maturity of each organization as well as the management’s individual focus area.

Typically, we recommend to partially or fully focus on improving one or several of the following procurement areas:

  • MRP, forecasting and strategic planning
  • Category management according to internal importance and external delivery risks
  • Negotiations processes and tools
  • Identification and implementation of alternative suppliers
  • Consolidation and standardization of purchasing specifications
  • Risk management on security of supply and price volatility
  • Defining and implementing procurement policies
  • Contract and cost management

We have solid experience in developing procurement functions and are certain we can add value within a short period of time, as well as results directly transferred to the bottom line.