Next Level Procurement at Bollerup Jensen A/S

Bollerup Jensen A/S is a Danish producer of sustainable specially adapted silicate products and selected cleaning, soap and impregnation. Products. Since 1935, the company has worked continuously in improving and developing their product range – both their own and private label products

The task was formulated with CEO Frode dale “Bringing Bollerup Jenen’s procurement function to the next level” As the company has grown and more products have been added, the complexity has developed accordingly. Bollerup Jensen A/S had struggled with professionalizing their supply chain and procurement function. Therefore, the company CEO, Frode dale, decided to contact Propia ApS with the purpose of improving their and supply chain and procurement processes.

Propia ApS’ team of experienced consultants initially analyzed Bollerup Jensens’ supply chain and procurement functions and identified a series of areas to improve. They worked closely with the management and employees of the company in order to develop and implement a number of strategies and solutions to help improve the efficiency and security of supply as well as reducing costs.

The results were impressive. Bollerup Jensen experienced a significant improvement in their supply and procurement functions and the company was able to achieve serious cost reduction.

All together the collaboration between Propia ApS and Bollerup Jensen A/S was a success, and it has helped Bollerup Jensen A/S become more efficient and competitive in the market.

Frode Dale, CEO; Bollerup Jensen A/S

”We have now co-operated with Propia for over a year and see them as a 100 per cent professional partner, which rapidly became an integrated part of Bollerup Jensen. Propia possesses some competences that have helped develop and professionalize our procurement function. Specifically, they have:

  • helped map and subsequently improve our procurement and planning processes in order to secure a more timely procurement and thereby control stock and overall better prices.
  • helped uncover the market for alternative suppliers and thereby improving supply and competitiveness
  • helped design new and necessary work processes and work models to ensure a more professional sourcing set-up
  • created transparency in cost drivers for strategical commodities and consequently a better opportunity to be ahead of development in prices

These factors have helped Bollerup Jensen handle forthcoming ad hoc tasks in a complicated market situation, and last but not least prepared us for the future. We aim to continue working with Propia. We give them our strongest recommendations as a partner; whether you are short of resources in your strategic sourcing or just wish to develop your company”

Cost Reduction Project at PALSGAARD A/S

Palsgaard A/S is one of the world’s leading producers of emulsifiers and stabilizing ingredients for the food industry. They are a large and recognized player in the market, but as with any other large industry, there are always some categories that do not get the attention they deserve. That is why Propia A/S was hired to help optimize prices in the smaller categories such as e.g. MRO and IT equipment.

The agreement with Propia ApS was risk free for Palsgaard A/S as Propia works with the principle “no cure, no pay”. This means that if Propia Aps was unable to generate cost reductions for Palsgaard A/S, the assistance would be cost free. Despite of the difficult market, where many struggled with the increasing prices, Propia ApS succeeded in negotiating great reductions in these smaller categories. By looking at the total procurement of our company, Propia ApS found ways to cut prices across categories. The result of this co-operation showed that reductions can be found even in the smaller categories that are often overlooked in a company. By having an external partner as Propia ApS, Palsgaard could achieve cost reductions and optimize the procurement process without the need to employ more resources internally.

Jakob Thøisen, CEO, Palsgaard A/S

“In 2022, Propia ApS helped us re-negotiate some of our contracts in IT and MRO, in other words; our indirect procurement. An area our procurement organization did not have the resources to handle. The agreement was built around the No cure, no Pay method, where their fee was a part of the documented reductions that they created for us in the first year of the new contracts. It all went smoothly and to everyone’s satisfaction. The attitude was very professional and effective, significant reductions were ensured compared to previous co-operations. This all happened at a time where many prices were increasing at a general level. Based on this experience, we highly recommend Propia Aps”

Cost reduction at C&H Systems

C&H Systems is a production company with headquarters in Naestved, Denmark. Today, they have a position as one of the world leading producers of atomized and robotized assembly lines and conveyour solutions.

With mandate from CEO, Niels Frost, the job was to optimize parts of C&H Systems procurement, including specifically categories they do not focus on themselves. The program was executed in a way that both management and project procurement were continuously in the loop without being dragged into the operation itself. The success criteria established and carried out was to emphasize cost optimization, while simultaneously maintaining the high quality of the purchased components as well as the good co-operation with suppliers. Essential cost reductions were made compared to previous contracts and prices. This at a time marked by increasing cost in commodities and freight.

Niels Frost, CEO C&H System A/S;

Our existence is tied to producing high quality products and that focus was taken very seriously by the Propia consultants. We felt all along that the categories were in good hands with equal respect for product quality and an aim to get a good result. We have been very pleased with the co-operation with Propia though whom we had improvements of some areas and categories that we did not have the resources to look into ourselves.