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  •  Dennis Jørgensen

Dennis Jørgensen

Experienced procurement strategist, delivering consistent savings and optimizing processes across major industry players

Dennis stands out as a seasoned procurement professional with significant contributions to leading companies. At a prominent hydrocolloids firm, he realized an impressive 11% savings, and his tenure at a global emulsifiers company resulted in 7.8% savings. His expertise spans contract negotiations, supply chain enhancements, and strategic sourcing. Educationally, Dennis fortified his skills with a Strategic Procurement degree from Aalborg Universitet and Cand.Ling.Merc from Handelshøjskolen, Aarhus Universitet.

Prominent references are drawn from major hydrocolloids and emulsifiers companies, as well as from a renowned toy manufacturer and Aalborg Universitet.


HD, Strategic Procurement and Sourcing, 2013-2014, Aalborg Universitet
Cand.Ling.Merc, 2001-2006, Handelshøjskolen, Aarhus Universitet