We are a Scandinavian based consultancy company with focus on our field of expertise - Value Chain Risk Management.


Our clients are primarily manufactorers of goods across the industries, but our services are also relevant for companies having physical movements of goods as their business area.


The value contribution is not to streamline and optimize the value chain, but to identify the risks within the field, which can be of major threat to i.e. the reputation, the ability to supply and the bottom line of your business.


Services in brief:


- Risk Diagnosis within selected fields or entire the Value Chain


- Risk Reduction Strategies on existing risks


- Risk Mitigation Processes on potential risks


- Assistance on implementation and anchoring of processes and strategies


Feel free to send us your contact details, and we will revert to you with our in-depth service proposal soonest possible.



* Further info about our capabilities and processes will follow on the web shortly.

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